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Our Projects

First Open Library set up at Rajouri Garden by Star Foundation & South DMC, West Zone.

Star Wellness & Care Foundation in association with South Delhi Municipal Corporation, West Zone sets up an Open Library at Bindra Park in Rajouri Garden. The Inaugural ceremony marked the gracious presence of Chief Guest Sh. Subhash Arya, Former Mayor, South Delhi, Mr. B.K. Oberoi, Chairman, Standing Committee, Rajouri Garden Ward, Ms. Shweta Saini, Chairperson, South DMC, West Zone, Mr. Rahul Singh IAS, Deputy Commissioner, South DMC, West Zone, Mr. Sameer Bhati, Founder, Star Foundation, Members of RWAs and teachers from various Schools.

The library is decked up with books relating to stories, spiritual learnings, Indian history, current affairs and much more. A librarian from 7 am to 6pm will be available for the help and regulation of the library. Daily newspapers from various News Agencies will also be available. A feedback register is placed at the library where people may give their innovative suggestions to improve the facilities and the working of the library.

Dr. Sameer Bhati, Founder, Star Foundation said, “As reading helps us to imbibe knowledge and positive thoughts in our mind, the library is aimed to promote mental wellness among people. We are planning to expand the initiative to other areas too. Covid has already created social imbalance in the society. We need people to join hands with us to promote such activities for social harmony”.

“We would like to invite people from the society to donate more books for the Library and participate in this Campaign of reading in a healthy environment” said Sh. Subhash Arya, Former Mayor, South Delhi.

Star Foundation aims to make this world a better place for all the beings. Step by Step.

Star Foundation aims at promoting & educating the underprivileged section of the society about the Health Care System. We have been transforming and will continue to do the same for the lives of needy and impoverished families.


“Health Awareness Drives and Health Check Up Campaigns figure out the root causes of healthcare challenges.”

Star foundation has organized various Health Awareness Drives and Health Check Up Campaigns to identify the root causes of healthcare challenges in the downtrodden. The Foundation has worked at the individual and community level to improve access to quality health services for the poor and marginalised communities.

International Women’s Day Celebration With Delhi
Police West District

Star Foundation with its corporate partner Star Imaging Path Lab organised a health check up campaign and distributed free women health coupons on International Women's Day Celebration 2021 at DCP office complex, Janakpuri New Delhi. The chief guest of the function, Joint Commissioner of Police(western range), Ms. Shalini Singh who graced the occasion shared her views on women health and its importance.


Star Foundation had set up the ANAEMIA SCREENING CAMP on International WOMEN’s day with Star Imaging Path Lab and Delhi Police.


Star Foundation, with the assistance of Star Imaging Path Lab, organized a health check-up campaign for distribution of free women's health coupons.

Mr. Parvindar Singh, DCP, Mr. Sudhanshu Dhama, Adtnl. DCP -1, & Mr. Anand Kumar Mishra, Adtnl. DCP-2, Mr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Foundation distributed Certificates for Skill Development Programme to 22 trained candidates at Outer District.

Students getting practical training sessions for handling of life saving equipments

Certificates were distributed by Dcp Sh. Jasmeet Singh , Ips, Central District, Addl. Dcp Ms. Shweta Chauhan, Central District And Mr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Foundation to 12 successful candidates on completion of the training wherein 8 students have successfully received placement offers in first job fair organised by the foundation while freshly enrolled students are motivated to further complete their training. The distinguished guests guided the candidates about importance of the training programme


Star Foundation, with the Star Imaging & Path Lab & Delhi Police involvement, launched “COVID 19 TESTING VAN FOR KIDS”. The third wave is expected to hit the younger generation, and so we are prepared to combat it by conducting tests.

Women Health Awareness Drive

On 29th June 2021, we had organized an education camp and counseling session to spread awareness about the importance of health education. We are consistently striving to implement improvements with focus on health and wellness programs.

Following the counseling session, Star Imaging and Path labs conducted the diagnostic tests for the ladies depending upon which the proper treatment was provided to them by Dr. Nidhi. We provided them with utmost care and treatment and they were really happy with it.

Health Awareness Drive for children in association

Star Wellness and Foundation organized a covid awareness drive for young children on 2nd of July 2021, with the aim of spreading awareness amongst the backward class people with regard to the prevention strategies and driving away the fear in children, so that the tests could be conducted. The drive took place in the presence of Mr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Imaging Path Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Children of all ages can be affected by this disease. Since, this disease has impacted our lives in such a harsh way; it was difficult for the children to feel comfortable to sit for the tests. We had interaction sessions with their parents who helped in convincing them. To overcome this situation we prepared a van completely covered with stickers and posters of cartoon characters which attracted the children.

Our volunteers went ahead and conducted tests for children for the detection of the novel corona virus. Our volunteers made them comfortable in vans by giving them toys and while the children played with the toy instruments our volunteers took samples to check for infections. To encourage the children we also distributed food packets which attracted more children.

Since people from backward classes are deprived from the services being offered to all, this helped us in encouraging them and boosting their moral as there are people who care for them as well.

Since, the third wave is expected to target the younger generation, we were able to spread awareness for the same and also we were able to successfully conduct tests for them and at the end the leftover food packets were distributed among all the children present there. We were accompanied by Mr. Prakash Singh, Chief Photographer for India, Agence France-Presse, to capture and exhibit the drive worldwide.